Note that this visual is based on the previous version of the Hall of wWAR.

Hall of wWAR

The Hall of Fame Re-Populated by Weighted WAR

Screwed by the Hall of Fame Voters

Through the Hall of wWAR, we have identified a list of players who belong in the Hall of Fame. Now it’s time to take a look at which teams are getting screwed the most by the Hall of Fame voters. For this list, I took the 63 players who belong in the Hall of Fame, according to wWAR. I then trimmed the 19th century players from the list (since franchises were far more voaltile back then). Then I removed banned players, since it wasn’t the voters who rejected them. We are then left with a list of 44 players.

Teams are ranked by the total WAR produced for them by the 43 players on that list. Hover over a bar for a list of players who produced 10+ WAR for that team.

Note: Tampa Bay and Arizona did not have any players on the list.