Hall of Fame Timeline

By Adam Darowski for Beyond the Box Score

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  • 1 150+ wWAR
  • 2 120–150 wWAR
  • 3 90–120 wWAR
  • 4 60–90 wWAR
  • 5 0–60 wWAR
Position Players Only (143)
Pitchers Only (63)
All Hall of Famers (206)
150+ wWAR Only
Under 60 wWAR Only
C (13)
1B (20)
2B (18)
3B (10)
SS (20)
LF (20)
CF (17)
RF (24)
DH (1)
BBWAA (111)
Veterans (95)

Wins Above Replacement (WAR) data from Baseball-Reference.com. Wins Above Excellence (WAE) is the total of all single season WAR above 3.0. Wins Above MVP (WAM) is the total of all single season WAR above 6.0. Wins Above Excellence aims to measure only "excellent" seasons while Wins Above MVP aims to capture dominant MVP-worthy performances. Weighted WAR (wWAR) is the combination of WAR, WAE, and WAM.