A simple, gray, one-column, socially savvy WordPress theme

Download Tabigail 1.0 (532kb)

What’s cool about the Tabigail theme?

Before you download, you probably want to know what makes Tabigail stand out from other WordPress themes.

  1. So super simple. A quick peek at the CSS will show you that there’s really not a ton here beyond plain HTML.
  2. No sidebar. You know those annoying over-crowded sidebars so many blogs have? This theme has NO sidebar.
  3. Socially savvy. The footer features a list of links to your social networking profiles. Because, really… it’s not all about your blog anymore. Plus, these links are marked up in an hCard with rel=me (just planning for the future!).

Setup & customization tips

I like to think that Tabigail is ready for use as soon as you activate it, but the truth is there are a few things you should do to set it up just for you.

  1. In header.php, fill out the meta description, keywords, and author with your information.
  2. In footer.php, modify the social network links to point to your profiles. Right now, they point to the home pages of each service. Feel free to delete the ones you don’t use. If you use some that I haven’t entered here, you can make an icon by using the favicon from that site.
  3. Open images/me.png and replace the gender neutral character with an image of yourself.
  4. Open images/logo.png and replace it with a header graphic you would like to use. The graphic is a fully editable Fireworks PNG.
  5. Open images/photo.png and replace the kitty photo with a photo you would like to use. The graphic is a fully editable Fireworks PNG.
  6. In header.php find the paragraph with the id “tabigail”. Change the link to a page you would like the photo to go to when clicked. (If you want it to go to the home page, use <a href="<?php echo get_settings('home'); ?>">).
  7. In index.php find the paragraph with the id “summary”. This is a brief “About” blurb. This will take the text you’ve entered in the “Name” and “Description” fields of your WordPress blog and used them as your summary. You may want to customize this to be a bit more descriptive.
  8. In the same paragraph above and the footer.php file, there are links to your “About” page. I made an educated guess that you have stuck with the WordPress default of yoururl.com/?p=2. If you have not, feel free to change this link in both places to point to your desired “About” page.
  9. Also in footer.php, above the social media links, there is a “Your Name Around the Web” header. That takes the name of your blog. Feel free to change it to your name.

A note about IE6

I haven’t cared too much about supporting IE6 since my blog gets hardly any traffic from that horrid, horrid browser. But both graphics in the header use transparent PNGs, which give IE6 fits. I’ve put in a basic fix to appease IE6. I’ve included a version of images/logo.png that has a background color (#333, same as the header). It is at images/logo-ie6.png. I have also completely hidden the polaroid header photo in IE6. There are a few ways to pull it off if you’d like to try. Since it is presentational, I simply hid it.

I’ve included these tweaks in an IE6 stylesheet (styles-ie6.css) through a conditional comment. The comment is in header.php and looks like this:

<!--[if IE 6]>
  <link href=/wp-content/themes/tabigail/style-ie6.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" media="screen" />

If IE6 is dead to you, you can simply delete that conditional comment, images/logo-ie6.png and styles-ie6.css and live in IE6-free bliss. If you care about versions of IE before version 6… there are support groups for people like you.

Questions? Comments? Leave a comment on the blog post announcing Tabigail or contact Adam Darowski at .

Tabigail Screenshot