WHOIS?: Dan Cederholm

We’re a society that doesn’t just care about things like movies and music—we want to know all about the people that bring these things to us (actors, directors, etc.). Well, since web design is entertaining to me, I tend to treat web designers I admire as my very own rock stars.

One that I have really come to admire is Dan Cederholm of SimpleBits. Dan is a web designer/developer here in Massachusetts. If you read the many interviews with him, his other interests come out—good music (The Pixies, Spoon, etc.) and baseball (he’s a Sox fan) among them.

Dan gives a great interview, both written and spoken. If you’d like to read one, I recommend a recent (September 2005, many of them are much older) interview with Digital Web Magazine. If you’d like to hear a couple, he did podcast interviews with the Web 2.0 Show (a podcast that interviews many cutting edge web designers/developers) and Inside the Net (a podcast by video and audio podcast superstar Amber McArthur).

Dan also has a pair of design books out—Bulletproof Web Design and Web Standards Solutions. I can’t vouch for these yet (trying to order them through work), but the reviews have been great.

Dan recently launched Cork’d, a web site that allows users to track and suggest wine purchases. I’m not much of a wine guy, but the site exhibits Dan’s knack for clean design, perfect iconography, and an excellent user experience.

The best thing about Dan is that he’s always there to help. He’s constantly writing, posting, and speaking about design and development, sharing his knowledge with the masses. He’s already been a huge help to me and I’m sure I’ll continue to learn more from him as I start reading his book and not just his blog, articles, and interviews.

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