WHATIS?: Some More Web 2.0 Sites from a Newsweek Article

It seems odd to link to an article that didn’t come from a blog, but this article brings up a few more of the popular Web 2.0 sites that I should add to my “WHATIS” category.

Most of what you have heard about MySpace may have come from the news. It’s all the rage with the kids these days and many of them are using it to misbehave. But the premise of the site is wonderfully inventive. You set up a page. You say what you like. You link to your friends’ pages. They leave comments. it’s social networking at its most basic and at its best. Just out of curiosity, I hopped on it while blogging this and right now I’m listening to killer music by my ex-girlfriend’s brother’s band.

Speaking of sites that have sparked controversy, YouTube is also listed in the Newsweek article. YouTube allows users to upload videos. Then they are tagged and linked very similarly to how Flickr photos are. Where YouTube has gotten into a bit of trouble is when users post TV shows and other copyrighted materials. A new site-imposed ten minute video clip limit is a first step at keeping the networks happy.

A few other sites are mentioned, but these two are heavy-hitters that I wanted to add to my list of sites that have succeeded with the new business model.

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