WHOIS?: Jason Fried and 37signals

Well, it’s been a while since I posted something, but that’s good news. The reason is that I’ve been working hard on designing the look and feel of my new project. What better to post now than a guy who has had some very inspiration theories on design that have gotten me very excited… but ones that I have not been able to follow 100% in this design process (YET, I’m working on it, though!)

Jason Fried is the director of 37signals, a Chicago-based design company that has moved from web site design to the development of web appliactions. 37signals is as much known for their philosophy as their products (though their products are extremely elegant and useful).

First off, I’ve listened to a few interviews with Jason, so I’m going to start with those. I highly recommend listening to them. Most recently, I listened to Jason on MarketingMonger, and that interview really pushed me to get this post up here (been meaning to talk about Jason for quite some time). Another very accessible interview with Jason was on Amber MacArthur’s Inside the Net podcast. The Web 2.0 Show had another great chat with Jason and finally on Vitamin Jason gives an interview titled Web apps, Cash flow and Pricing.

While that gives you enough to listen to for awhile, I’ll let you know some of the things I’ve really taken from 37signals over the past couple months:

Well, there we go. There are many more—and maybe I’ll add some later—but those are just the thoughts off the top of my head (without listening to any of those interviews for about a week).

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