WebVisions 2006: Day 2 (Part II)

Here are the notes from the rest of Day 2…

Design Panel

Spakers: Bryan Veloso (Moderator), Dan Cederholm, D. Keith Robinson, Mike Davidson

Every once in a while you go to a panel that is just … fantastic.

This panel was three web rock stars (Dan, Keith, and Mike) and a guy that looks like he’ll be part of the next generation very soon (Bryan). Bryan was nervous going into this (as stated on his blog), but he did very well as the moderator.

My battery was low for this one, so I scribbled down five pages of notes. here’s the transcription (if I can read them)…

What’s wrong with web design today:

What’s right with web design today:

The most important design elements:

Breaking it down (what’s good):


Spin it to make it your own:

I attended a snoozer of a seminar in the middle here… the only dud. I won’t comment on that one… This next one was another good one, though.

Social Metadata and the Relevance Revolution

Speaker: Gene Smith

Keynote: The Dawning of the Age of Experience

Speaker: Jared Spool

This keynote was done by Jared Spool of Boston-based User Interface Engineering. I’m actually more familiar with Jared’s colleague Joshua Porter for his writing on Bokardo. Jared was very entertaining, though. A few notes:

More Notes:


  1. On July 21st, 2006 at 10:40 pm Web Things Considered » Webvisions day 2 said:

    [...] (Brian’s notes, and more notes) I expected this one to be packed, and it was. Good session all around. I’m not a designer, but I do a lot of site deveopment/construction using web-standards (I’m very anal about markup). I appreciate good-design and like to be reminded about why it’s important and all of the aspects that go into design. Some light moments with a copywriter in the audience pitching her services not once, but twice. But, it was a woman at a predominantly male event, so all is forgiven. [...]

  2. On July 22nd, 2006 at 8:47 am Web Strategy by Jeremiah » WebVisions 2006: The Blog, Picture, and Video List said:

    [...] Webvisions Day 2: More killer notes [...]

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