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In the August 4, 2006 issue of The Sporting News Magazine (yes, the paper one), Dave Kindred’s last page column is about a rookie pitcher named Pat Neshek. What’s cool about Pat? Well, he is a major league pitcher that is blogging about his experiences—including his experience this season of being called up to the major leagues for the very first time.

Pat’s site, On the Road with Pat Neshek, isn’t just about baseball. He also writes about life, music, and autographs. In this day of inaccessible celebrities, it’s really nice to see a player stepping up to do this for his fans. Neshek may not yet be a celebrity (though judging by his minor league numbers, it’s just a matter of time), but he sets an example I hope more in his field follow.

This year (or maybe last year), Major League Baseball launched MLBlogs, a blog network with players past and present and baseball fans (the fans have to pay to have a blog hosted). Some players that have blogs on there include Tigers pitcher Nate Robertson, Devil Rays insanely-good second baseman Jorge Cantu, √ºberstud Met David Wright, and the Athletics’ Danny Haren. These blogs are great to see, although they don’t have the post frequency of Neshek’s. This, I’m guessing, is because blogging is a project that MLB approached these players about. They are trying it out, seeing how it is. For Neshek, this is something he was passionate about on his own.

It’s great to see Neshek step up and do it on his own, realizing the benefits it can do for both his fans and for developing his own following. Some entertainers get it (Zach Braff is a great example) while others can’t be bothered. There are a lot of young talented Twins pitchers over there in Minnesota. This one just got one more fan.

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