WebVisions 2006 Recap: My Presentation

WebVisions 2006 Recap

Two days ago, I gave my brown bag presentation titled WebVisions 2006 Recap. It was an internal Aptima presentation shared over video conference (Woburn, MA and Washington, DC). The talk lasted about 38 minutes and included topics such as web standards, semantic markup, microformats, community marketing, corporate blogging, decentralized living, bulletproof web design, and social information architecture (all related back to the sessions I attended).

The feedback from the presentation has been quite good—it was my first presentation while flying solo (did one as a duo before… another as a quartet). To give you an idea of the audience, most of these technologies were absolutely brand new to folks within Aptima. So, some of it may be a little high level. But I find all of it very interesting and it was a pleasure to make the presentation.

I wanted to throw some thanks to Brian Oberkirch, Erin Julian, Nick Finck, and Will Pate for the use of their photos in the presentation. Also, big thanks to Aptima for sending me to the conference!


  1. On August 25th, 2006 at 7:08 am Bruce said:

    Good talk Adam. I like that you put up the slides with audio and how you can skip ahead by slide. I think it should be the standard for the Aptima BB archive and made available through the wiki. I don’t know anyone that has ever watched the videos or dvds gathering dust on the library shelves. What did you put that together with?

  2. On August 25th, 2006 at 8:13 am Adam Darowski said:

    Thanks for the comment, Bruce. I used Flash for the presentation, and since this was the first time I used it to sync a presentation that already happened, I’d be lying if I said it was a quick process. Then again, most brown bags don’t have 81 slides. I’ll work on a way to make this simpler to do production-wise, for sure. But it would be nice to have all presentations available on the wiki…