First Step Towards a Corporate Blog

Yesterday, I met with our CEO, VP of Research, and VP of Technology about the possiblity of Aptima starting a corporate blog. I didn’t anticipate much resistance, given that the crew I was meeting with was genuinely interested in the possibilities a corporate blog could offer. I was, however, pleasantly surprised by how quickly things are going to get into motion once we all acknowledged this was, indeed, a good idea. The final items to be hammered out are big ones—who will blog and what about. An internal survey was circulated today to generate ideas about those topics.

I’ve got to tip my cap to Jeremiah here. His work and his advice was instrumental in helping me formulate an attack plan for this—though not much of an “attack” was really needed in the end. I went into the meeting with some notes, shown below. A great deal of this came from various posts by Jeremiah, and I thank him for that. I’ve included all my notes, with the exception of my section on “Recommended Next Steps.”

John Shaw, our CEO, mentioned in the company-wide email today that my WebVisions presentation was instrumental in kicking this into gear. Thanks to Aptima again for sending me there, and thanks to Jeremiah and Brian Oberkirch on giving me so many great ideas at the conference and in the months following.

And, the notes:

What is a blog?

What isn’t a blog?

What are the benefits of a blog?

What are the keys to success?

How do you measure success?

Who should blog?

Individual vs. Group Blogs?

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