A New Challenge: Team Lead

It’s now official. I’m taking on a new role at Aptima. We have three divisions. I’m in the Human-Systems Integration Division. That division used to have two teams—Cognitive Systems Engineering and Interaction Design & Usability Evaluation. I was part of the ID&UE team. Starting yesterday, though, I’m part of a new team called Interactive Media & Visualization. And I’m the team lead.

It’s going to be a very different experience for me. Team Leads get to deal with the additional responsibilities of labor planning, business development, and people management, all while juggling project work. Project work is my first love, but I’m very intrigued by trying to find new business opportunities for Aptima. We traditionally do government research and development, but we have plenty of folks to develop that business. I plan to look outside that comfort zone more than inside it.

We are a team of four, and it’s a very different type of team—in many respects, we play a “support” role to other teams in addition to molding our own identity. I’m, of course, very excited about this opportunity… but also a little nervous since it is all very new. In many ways it is formalizing some work that I’ve already been doing, but with formalization comes increased responsibility and accountability.

So, if any team leads want to offer advice, I’m all ears!

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