CSSEdit: A Thing of Beauty

MacRabbit CSSEdit

So weird… I don’t generally see an app get released that I’m so psyched about that I blog about it. Okay, I’ve never done that. But CSSEdit looks absolutely sweet. Now, will I use it? I’m not sure. My company has bought me Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is great, but for CSS stuff there’s a bit of overkill there. CSSEdit seems to have everything Dreamweaver offers that is CSS-related (except maybe FTP, don’t think it has that).

But apps like this have to be the #1 reason I love the Mac. You just can’t get anything this pretty on Windows. And I’m sorry, but if I’m going to be using something for eight… er, ten… er… I dunno, fourteen hours a day, I don’t want it to make me throw up. It’s not about rounded edges and drop shadows. It’s not about gradients. It’s about gorgeous design—visual design and interaction design. It looks like this guy nailed it.

Congrats to MacRabbit.

CSSEdit Disk Image

Update: Even the disk image is beautiful. Can’t wait to play with this.

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