WHOIS?: Chris Messina

Crashing Couple
Chris + Tara = Awwwwww. Photo courtesy of Chris.

Tonight I randomly IM’d Chris Messina of Citizen Agency. Chris’ blog, FactoryCity, is one that has made its way into my must reads. Chris is all about Microformats, BarCamps, coworking, and pretty much all things open source.

So, I just pinged Chris to tell him his blog rocked (hey, I was in a good mood). An hour later, I felt even more energized about this dramatic shift in focus I have taken professionally. It was a great chat about everything from microformats in the government sector to what the heck “coworking” is to SXSW vs. An Event Apart to a bit of valley gossip. A chat with Chris is what I expected—energetic and jam-packed with information. These “new web” folks love to share. And I love to listen. :)

Chris’ significant other is also, er… significant. Tara Hunt’s blog, HorsePigCow, is yet another that jumps to the top for me. Together Tara & Chris make up Citizen Agency, a consulting company with their own very unique take on marketing.

I first heard of Chris back when he was Open Source Abassador for Flock, a Mozilla-based browser with many social features built in. In fact, Flock made me switch from Safari for a bit, but I found that the features I used I could get with Firefox, so I have since switched full time to Firefox. Even then, most interviews I heard with Chris were about Microformats. He’s really the one that introduced them to me.

I even brought up Chris in a company meeting about our upcoming blog, noting that he used a interesting linking approach sometimes where if he had many different examples to link to for a single idea, he would link every word individually. I liked it. He’s probably not the first to do it—and some usability folks might vomit (though I’m sure he used very appropriate title attributes)—but it was different. (Example: While I’m a total Cederholm fanboy, I still get my inspiration from a wide variety of sources.)

So Chris, thanks for the chat. I’m sure I’ll randomly ping you again at some point.

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