Re: Nine Questions and Answers Students Want to Know about Social Media Before they Enter the Workforce

Today, I read a post from Jeremiah where he answered nine questions for a student researching “how MySpace is going to affect our lives in the future 10 years from now (when the MySpace generation hits the workforce)“. I’m a bit interested in this as well, so I’m going to answer Jeremiah’s call for others to chip in. I’m far from the expert Jeremiah is, but I hope I can help.

1) Do you have an online profile on MySpace, Friendster, Hyves or another social networking site?

Woops! I don’t. Does that banish me from helping? Well, I don’t have any of those, but I do have Flickr and YouTube. And I stay aware of the social network sites… just don’t generally use them.

2) Have you ever googled a person you just met to find out more about them?

All the time. If I had met my wife before Google became a verb, I probably would have scoped her out as well. :) (Just checked… no hits. Girl needs to get herself online!)

One example is that when we hired a programmer here at Aptima, we all Googled her within minutes of the mass email going around that she was hired, we all found out that she’s a painter (damn good one, too).

3) If you would consider to hire someone, would you google them or trust the information they gave you in person?

I’ve hired folks before (or more specifically been deeply involved in the hiring process—never the hiring manager, though) and most definitely Googled them. In fact, I would certainly focus on MySpace with any younger hires coming in. Oh, and Facebook, too. Before they went public, I would have found someone that still had an .edu email address and ask them to look the person up for me.

4) Can you imagine a future where people will only communicate through online networking and not socialize face-to-face anymore?

I’d bet a select few people do this already. But on a widespread scale? No. Us web folks are among the most deeply entrenched in living life online. But we all longingly look forward to events like South By Southwest to socialize face-to-face.

Or is it just for the booze?

5) Can you imagine people getting married through MySpace instead of in real-life?

Er… Jeremiah said that some people have already done this. I still can’t imagine it though. :)

6) A lot of people say MySpace is a crappy website. Do you think MySpace will be able to keep up with all the technological improvements or will it remain a simple website?

MySpace a crappy website? There’s a lot more to a site’s design than looking pretty. The social design within MySpace is obviously top notch. How else can you explain the intense user base?

Joshua Porter of Bokardo (and UIE) has written fairly extensively about MySpace. I suggest not only reading his work, but perhaps posing the same questions to him. Some to read:

As Jeremiah said, the kids are gonna move away from MySpace as soon as the cool kids don’t find it cool anymore. I’ve spoken to Facebook folks that look at me in horror if I ask them about MySpace. MySpace is temporary. Social networking is permanent (er, as permanent as it can be in this day and age).

7) Do you think what people write in their blogs now, will affect their future lives? If so, in what way and how much will it affect their future lives?

I write in this blog as if it’s going to be around forever (because it probably will be with all the archiving going around. So, I’m not going to say anything on here I don’t truly believe in. If people are reckless about what they post on their blogs or MySpace pages, it *will* come back to haunt them. It could effect job placement, pissed off relatives or friend that you may have ranted about, moms getting enraged because their 14-year olds are sharing unsharable stuff on their MySpace pages…

8) I recently found out there is a book thats called “Hacking MySpace” by John Pospisil. What is your vision on this? Are people taking this too far?

Never heard of this one, so I’ll let Jeremiah’s answer suffice.

9) What is your opinion on TyP!ng 7!k3 th!s?

Ha… um… I’m far from hip to this, so I’ll let this one go.

Hope this helps. Anyone else have anything to add?

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  1. On December 6th, 2006 at 8:54 am Jeremiah Owyang said:

    Great responses! Thanks for providing your insight, I’m sure this will help the research.