I Have a Problem

I have reached a new high in the blogosphere.

I have a “problem” named after me.

When I was chatting with Chris Messina a while back, he was telling me about how OpenID can solve the problems I brought up in my post hCard Overflow: Could We Use rel=hcard?. My homie Brian Oberkirch referenced that post in a recent post of his own titled OpenID, Portable Social Networks, and The Darowski Problem.

Darowski problem? WTF? That’s awesome!

I’m not sure what technically makes someone an “A-list” blogger, but to me, Oberkirch certainly is one. I gotta say, I’m honored to have the contact info overload problem be associated with me (a line I never thought I’d say when I was in design school). Then he emails me with a cryptic message that just says “Check it”, and a URL. He’s We’ve been picked up by ZDNet blogger Eric Norlin on a post called Brian Cracks the Identity and Web 2.0 Problem. After getting over the “Darwoski” spelling in Norlin’s piece, I’m pretty psyched. I literally have a problem.

So, back to OpenID. My god, this is needed. Read Brian’s article for a great summary of what the problem is and how OpenID will address it. Chris had told me to put OpenID on my to-do list for 2007 and Brian just gave me a bit more of a kick in the ass.

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