I’m Out of Shape

In case you haven’t noticed, Brian Oberkirch’s blog has become my #1 must read lately. Well, I say “read”, but I guess I have to say “listen”, too. Brian interviews… pretty much exactly the same list of people that I’d like to hear from. (In the tech world, that is. If Brian suddenly posted an interview with Earl Weaver, I’d have to tell him to get out of my head.)

So, Brian’s latest interview is with Guy Kawasaki of Garage. I touched on my long fascination with Guy before when Jennifer Jones interviewed him. One thing that I like about Brian’s chats is that he often is doing his interview subjects as much of favor as they are doing him by granting the interview. A lot has to be said for a good brainstorming session with a fresh set of eyes and ears. I’ve taken part in a few of these lately and I love the feeling of being helpful and being helped.

When Brian was talking to Guy about the possibility of blogging his next book chapter by chapter, Guy made an interesting analogy. He compared blogging to working out every day and blogging to going on a binge Jenny Craig diet. Frequently blogging keeps your writing—and your thought process—in shape. I noticed I’ve been slipping a little over the winter (an analogy for my physique as well?), so it’s time to start “working out” more.

Here’s a few things I’ve been doing/have done lately:

Man, all that typing while getting back into shape? I’m gonna be sore.

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