CogBlog Live!

Final CogBlog screen shot

Today, at a company-wide Brown Bag lunch presentation, I officially launched the CogBlog: The Cognitive Science Weblog. Ever since returning from Webvisions 2006, I pushed for my company to establish a blog. And now it has happened.

One nice thing is that it isn’t just a corporate blog for Aptima. Aptima is simply hosting a cognitive science blog for our company, customers, partners, competitors, and other members of the community of interest.

I’ve got two posts on the blog as we kick off. First, I provided a Hello World! post to kick things off. A sample:

I’d like to brag that I fought a gallant battle to convince Aptima to host a weblog in order to better have a pulse on the human-centered engineering community—but I’m proud to say that there was no “fight” involved at all. Aptima’s line of work (new and exciting technological solutions to mission-critical problems) is a breeding ground for great ideas that should be shared with our customers, partners, competitors, and other interested members of the field.

I also provided a more research-based article titled “Distributed Learning for the Army: Cost Effective or Just Plain Effective?” In this post, I talk about how distributed learning might not be simply more cost and logistically effective for the Army, but but also far more effective because it will be using technological means that new recruits will already be familiar with. A snippet:

I’d suggest that the benefits are not just about efficiency, flexibility, and frugality. In the not-too-distant future, distance learning could actually be a preferred method of training for new soldiers. Why? Because we’ll be seeing more and more enlistments from the MySpace generation.

I would really like to send a big thank you to Brian Oberkirch and Jeremiah Owyang for their indirect support during the planning stages. And of course, Dan Cederholm was very inspiring for the development stage. I recorded the audio of my presentation to the company kicking off the CogBlog, so I’ll see if I can mash it up with my slides to make a compelling archive.

So, check out the CogBlog if you get a shot. It’s also semantically marked up, designed to be bulletproof, and kinda pretty if you ask me. :)


  1. On March 2nd, 2007 at 1:18 pm Jeremiah Owyang said:

    Congrats on this launch, here’s wishing you all the success you deserve.

  2. On March 5th, 2007 at 7:55 am Very Nice at Like It Matters said:

    [...] Adam Darowski & co. launch CogBlog.  Way to go, Adam. [...]