How I Shall Rawk SXSW

This should be my last post before I board an airplane for South By Southwest in Austin, Texas. This will be my first time at SXSW, and I simply can’t wait. All the web rock stars will be there. I’m looking forward to meeting some great people, seeing some others again, and meeting some in person that I’ve spoken with digitally.

Partially for my own planning purposes, I have posted the panels I plan to attend below. Can’t wait!

Friday, March 9

I’m attending: The Real Story Behind Snakes on a Plane
I’m not sure I’m going to go to this. It is the first panel and the only one at this time. I may end up registering around this time, so we’ll see.
I’m attending: How to Rawk SXSW
Quite a few folks are on this panel. The topic is how to get the most out of SXSW, since so much is going on. I’ll be interested to hear what Tantek has to say, since he’s quite the rock star. I haven’t seen him speak before, but I’ve heard him many times. I’m looking forward to this one.

Saturday, March 10

I’m attending: World Domination Via Collaboration
I’m sad I’m missing: A Decade of Style
I don’t know any of the presenters in “World Domination…”, but one of the projects sending me to SXSW is about collaboration. The bummer is I’ll miss A Decade of Style, with Eric Meyer, Molly, Doug Bowman, and the brave Chris Wilson of Microsoft.
I’m attending: Turning Projects Into Revenue Generating Businesses
I’m sad I’m missing: How to Bluff Your Way in Web 2.0
“How To Bluff…” stars Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith, two beloved Brits. It’s going to kill me to miss what looks like a great panel from those two, but I simply have to attend a panel that features Tara Hunt, Ted Rheingold, and Ryan Carson. I’ll be missing Ryan’s other panel, so I have to catch this one. Also, this relates well to one of the projects sending me.
I’m attending: Kathy Sierra Opening Remarks
Kathy Sierra rules. I’m not sure I even looked at anything else happening at this time. Creating Passionate Users could be the greatest blog ever.
I’m attending: Commercialization of Wikis: Open Community That Pays the Bills
I’m sad I’m missing: Unleashing CSS: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Internet Explorer 7
Another related to my project at work, I’m not familiar with Evangelo Prodromou but I’m looking forward to seeing this talk. I feel bad about missing Chris Schmitt again (I missed this same talk at Webvisions), but you gotta go with what’s payin’ the bills.
I’m attending: Web 2.0 and Semantic Web: The Impact on Scientific Publishing
A different project is sending me to this one. It’s a large panel of folks I don’t know, but I’m very interested in the class of “The Semantic Web” and “the semantic web”.

Sunday, March 11

I’m attending: Using RSS for Marketing
Not a ton going on at this time, but RSS for Marketing seems interesting. I don’t know panelists, but I’ll try to catch this one (or sleep late).
I’m attending: Design Workflows at Work: How Top Designers Work Their Magic
Bryan Veloso? Veerle Pieters? This is like a rock concert. Always good to peek into the minds of those who make me jealous.
I’m attending: Keynote Conversation: Limor Fried / Phil Torrone
I’m sad I’m missing: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Mobile Web…but Were Afraid to Ask
DIY, Hacking? Hell, that sounds like fun to me. Curious what is said about the Mobile Web, since the iPhone is about to change everything.
I’m attending: Accessified! Practical Accessibility Fixes Any Web Developer Can Use
I’m sad I’m missing: AJAX of Flash: What’s Right for You?
AJAX vs. Flash is interesting, since I feel like I’m totally over Flash. But accessibility with Ian Lloyd sounds like a plan. I can use that info right away.
I’m attending: ValleySpeak for the Rest of Us: Developing Apps Outside InternetVille
Dan Cederholm and Brian Oberkirch are my heroes. Dan as a designer. Brian as an everything else-er. I cannot wait wait for this panel.
I’m attending: People-Powered Products
I’m sad I’m missing: Uniting the Holy Trinity of Web Design
Again, a project funded panel here. Icing on the cake is that Derek Powazek and Heather Champ are on the panel. Tough to miss Snook & Co., but gotta go with the Powazeks.

Monday, March 12

I’m attending: Get Unstuck: Moving From 1.0 to 2.0
I’m sad I’m missing: Barenaked App: The Figure Behind the Top Web Apps
I’m glad Ryan Carson is giving another panel, because there’s no way I’m missing Jeffrey Zeldman, Chris Messina, and Luke Wroblewski.
I’m attending: Scaling Your Community
The beloved Matt Mullenweg (the kid brought me the life-changing WordPress) will show me how to build scale my project’s community, should we get to that point (that’d be so sweet).
I’m attending: The Growth and Evolution of Microformats
Tantek √áelik (of Technorati) and Michael Kaply (the godsend who brought us Operator) will be part of this panel that I can’t wait for.
I’m attending: Bullet Tooth Web Design: Plan Your Web Site like Pulling off a Robbery
Jason Santa Maria is a freakin’ magician of a designer. Add Andy Clarke and I’m looking forward to this one.
I’m attending: Design Patterns: Defining and Sharing Web Interface Design Languages
Luke Wroblewski flies solo on this one. I haven’t paid any attention to design patterns. It’s time to.
I’m attending: The Death of the Desktop
Jef Raskin’s kid is doing some pretty incredible stuff with his new company. This should be a very interesting talk.

Tuesday, March 13

I’m attending: Web Typography Sucks
I’m sad I’m missing: Browser Wars Retrospective: Past, Present and Future Battlefields
I may be missing Andy Budd and Jeremy Keith, but I won’t miss the third leg of the ClearLeft tripod, Richard Rutter.
I’m attending: Design Aesthetic of the Indie Developer
I’m very interested in small companies designing excellent apps, and also a fan of Shaun Inman and John Gruber, so this looks like a good one.
I’m attending: Will Wright Keynote Speech
Can’t argue with checking out the master of simulation games.
I’m attending: Instructional Online Video – The Next Big Thing
Alex Lindsay will be on this panel, which looks interesting as instructional applications are a big part of what I do at Aptima. Will be interesting to see what they say about video.
I’m attending: Can Social Networking Build Your Brand?
This one is project-related as well, and while I don’t know Jason Schwartz this should be interesting.
I’m attending: The Global Microbrand: Are Blogs, Suits and Wine the New Sex, Drugs and Rock
Kathy Sierra is part of this final panel that looks like it should be quite entertaining (as Kathy always is).


  1. On March 9th, 2007 at 8:35 pm Chris Messina said:

    Hey dude, hope to get a chance to meet! Don’t forget to stop by BarCamp!

    Oh, and why isn’t this list marked up with hCalendar? ;)

  2. On March 9th, 2007 at 9:17 pm Scott McCracken said:

    Wow, that really is quite a lineup! There’s plenty to be jealous over, but I’m glad you get to go – take some good notes for me. Any chance I’ll see you at An Event Apart in Boston? The whole crew will be there and it would be great to catch up.

  3. On March 9th, 2007 at 11:17 pm Adam Darowski said:

    @ Chris:

    Oh, and why isn’t this list marked up with hCalendar? ;)

    Let’s blame Google. I used Operator to throw it all into Google Calendar… then when I made some edits, notes, changes… and of course, couldn’t easily get it back out again.

    Got yer wink, though. ;) Let them use SXSW’s hCals!

    @ Scott

    I’ll be taking notes, for sure. As for AEA, I chose this one instead (couldn’t do both). My pal Sibyl will be headed to AEA, though. I’ll show her a photo and instruct her to say hi. :)