SXSWi: Commercialization of Wikis: Open Community That Pays the Bills

I’m looking to find a way for one of my wiki/blog based projects at Aptima to be able to sustain itself once our R&D project funding ends. Hence this session.

Speaker: Evan Prodromou (Founder, WikiTravel)

Wiki is:

Does commerce belong in wikis?

Other ways to support a wiki project:

Four kinds of wiki businesses

Rules for commercial wikis

For such a short (25 minute) talk, Evan covered a lot of great information. I feel I have more options to apply to my project now.

Update: Liz Henry took great notes. She also recorded a great quote from Evan:

Prodromou says: “EFF THAT. I hate the term crowdsourcing. It’s one of the ugliest terms ever invented on the internet. People in wiki software are some of the most idealistic, altruistic people on the planet. We don’t want to exploit people.”

Update: Mike Linksvayer’s notes.

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  1. On March 11th, 2007 at 12:27 pm Evan Prodromou said:

    Adam: I’m so glad to hear that the talk was useful for you. It wasn’t a lot of time, but I hope it was sufficient to get across some of my passion about wikis and wiki startups, and some of my real concerns for well-meaning people who make mistakes in new wiki startups.

    I also wanted to give a link to my slides from the talk.