Now with BatchBlue: My Blog Was My New Resume

Right now, I’m sitting at the Coffee Depot in Warren, RI at a table with Riley and Sean, my new teammates. Today, I’m starting as a User Interface Designer for BatchBlue.

This ends an exciting (nearly) four years with Aptima, a company that allowed me to follow my interests the point that my interests simply outgrew my position. BatchBlue is a tiny startup that is close to home and allows me to exercise all of these crazy web ideas I’ve had lately.

Pamela O’Hara, BatchBlue’s president, prepared a post to the BatchBlog that not only mentions that I’m now onboard the BatchBlue team, but also pins the tail on the “Blog is the New Resume” donkey. My blog—simply put—was my new resume.

Here’s a teaser of what Pamela wrote:

My job as a small business owner is to find the person with the right skills, the right attitude, the right personality, the right temperament and the right passion to work with all of the other personalities and temperaments in my company. Not easy when all I have to go on is a one page resume. While Adam’s cover letter and resume provided a telling introduction, his blog was the real page turner. I learned he thinks beyond the immediate problem, he self motivates, he aggressively educates himself, he aggressively educates those around him and he’s a Red Sox fan. I would have discovered some of this eventually from the interview, the references and various other communications. But in the blog, it all became part of the first impression, helping him stand out from the crowd early on.

Good stuff. :)

I wrote a separate post that talked in detail about my approach to this latest job hunt (Hint: I have dubbed it “calculated informality“). The short version: BatchBlue simply offered me everything I was looking for.

I’ve wasted no time contributing to the BatchBlog, as well. I have written a post that sums up yet another aspect of BatchBlue that attracted me—the fact that they are creating Web Apps for the Rest of Us.

Time to put the head down again and get initiated.

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  1. On January 5th, 2010 at 6:25 pm grüntee said:

    Nicely done!