I Finally Subscribed to a Ballplayer’s Blog: Yooooouuuuukkkkk!

Kevin Youkilis

Photo courtesy of mlb.com

I’ve blogged before about baseball players blogging. Why am I so fascinated? Well, just like big corporations, baseball players have always been perceived as unapproachable by the average joe. Blogging breaks down that boundary. And it’s refreshing.

Even though I’ve visited these sites, I’ve never taken that step to add it to the blogs I subscribe to. It’s cool that they’re blogging, but I haven’t found that player who I want to read everything that he has to say (no, not even Schilling—I guess I have very high standards).

Well, I finally found one that I added to Newshutch. First, a little background…

Like many in Red Sox Nation, I simply adored Christopher Trotman Nixon. There’s really not enough space to elaborate on why… just that he was the ultimate dirt dog. Well, the Red Sox decided not to bring him back this season. That crushed me. Hell, I think I tried to get Ella’s middle name to be Trotman. But here we were this season, and some other guy was in right field. (Let’s not even get into the fact that “that guy” stole #7…)

There are lots of other Red Sox players I like. Tim Wakefield. Jason Varitek. Of course, Big Pap√≠. I had a lot of space in the ol’ heart to be filled though. And the player that slid in there was someone I’ve been rooting for since he was the “fat third baseman” in Moneyball, Kevin Youkilis.

Youk is a seriously good player, but he’s also a goofball. He would always take part in Bronson Arroyo’s musical antics, goof around in the dugout, whatever it took. I like a ballplayer that doesn’t take himself too seriously. When Curt Schilling started blogging, folks on WEEI were debating who would be a good blogger on the Sox. Steve Buckley through Youk out there. John Dennis disagreed, but I was very intrigued by the idea. Now he’s doing it.

One post in, the blog already looks like it is going to be a good one. He tells us about the inside-the-park home run and about how he and Dustin Pedroia (another new favorite) have a wager going about who is faster. I look forward to reading more.


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