Safari 3.0 Beta Rant

I’ll start off by saying I’m a fan of Apple’s Safari browser. In fact, I used it as my main browser until recently. Once I started doing web development on a more consistent basis, I really needed Firefox for the plugins. In fact, since starting at BatchBlue, my most used piece of software is Firebug. I can’t use Safari if it doesn’t have Firebug or Web Developer Toolbar.

So, Apple just released the new Safari beta. It runs on Windows now, too. While I don’t think it will have the same effect as iTunes on Windows, it can’t hurt. So, I’ve installed it on both systems (Windows via Parallels). I installed on Windows first. It was a breeze. Then I installed it on the Mac.

First of all, why the eff do I have to restart… to install a web browser? You didn’t make me restart on Windows, why on the Mac? Firefox doesn’t make me restart. Shiira doesn’t make me restart. Hell, I don’t think OFFICE made me restart. Why do I have to restart? I normally wouldn’t care, but I’m running Rails locally for testing. When I restart my Mac, I have to restart the local database, restart Rails, and do a bunch of other stuff I don’t really know how to do. Luckily, Sean gave me a step by step “so you’re a Terminal noob and you are still trying to run Rails locally” cheat sheet. But sheesh. I haven’t restarted in weeks. Why restart to install a browser?

Second… when did Safari become Internet Explorer. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. But where the heck did Safari 2 go? Why did you replace it? I need to test in both! So now, I get to UNinstall Safari 3… no doubt I’ll have to restart again (gah!) then test in Safari 2. If I want to test in Safari 3… guess what… install again… restart… curse…

Come on, Apple. You do this stuff right. I know it’s just a beta, but come on…

Update: Here’s a workaround.


  1. On June 14th, 2007 at 7:13 am Dave Campbell said:

    I installed Safari for Windoze. Opened it, went to, it crashed. I restarted it. I went to my igoogle page. crashed. I then uninstalled Safari for Windows.

    I agree there isn’t much that would get me to stop using Firefox. It’s by far my #1 browser. IE just scares me because it’s so integrated into into the OS.

    I was talking to my brother about the reasoning behind Safari for Windoze and he brought up a good point. It’s because of the iPhone. They want developers to develop 3rd party apps using the Safari engine for the iPhone and to help convince them to do this, they can say, “Hey, your app will also run on Mac and Windows desktops.”

  2. On February 25th, 2009 at 12:42 am David Lawrence said:

    I know this rant is going on two years old, but it is still salient. Safari 4 once again says it needs a reboot. I really hate how much Apple insists on reboots. Oh look, an update for some camera that I don’t use! Ignore the bouncing bubble at your peril! Install and reboot! Hey try our new browser, which we promise is way faster! Install and reboot! Right, reboot for a web browser.