Aptima Releases DDD to Public

You may know that up until recently I was with a small government contractor called Aptima. Well, I still have a whole lotta friends there, so I wanted to publicly congratulate them on the release of their Distributed Dynamic Decision-Making (DDD) application.

Lemme quote Aptima.com, since they know it better than I…

Our flagship simulation product, DDD, models the core functions that drive team performance, such as communicating, sharing resources, making decisions, and coordinating tasks. It is unique in its ability to represent a wide range of environments, letting you create your own operating scenarios and use them to plan missions, conduct training and rehearsal exercises, perform team research, and many other applications involving individual players, teams, or teams of teams. Since DDD is client/server-based, participants can be geographically distributed and still interact as if they were all in the same location. Embedded within DDD are tools that capture and quantify team performance, providing stop-action replay and other feedback measures to help team members improve their skills.

It is a medium-fidelity simulator with a whole lotta brains behind it. A friend of mine is part of the DDD team and he blogged about the release.

It’s nice to see that the DDD’s release really resonated with the folks at Gizmag. They wrote:

As we pointed out last week, the science of building an effective team is often overlooked but we’re pleased to note the release of some new software designed to forge a highly functional team when the job is mission critical. Aptima’s DDD 4.0 is simulation software for military and civilian organizations involved in planning and preparing for complex team-based missions.

You can actually download a 30-day full-functional trial of the DDD at Aptima.com.

Congrats to the team on a job well done.

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