Friends in New Places

A couple weeks ago, I found out some sweet news about a designer I love and a company I love. Turns out they found each other without me knowing it. Kate Brigham started with PatientsLikeMe last month, and I’m super psyched for both.

I’ve talked a bit about PatientsLikeMe before, but they are a social networking site (don’t roll your eyes yet) for patients that suffer from life-altering diseases. The company was founded as a resource for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) patients but has expanded to include MS and Parkinson’s. I absolutely love what they’re doing—and they have some very unique problems they need to solve. I think Kate will be a great match.

Kate and I worked together many years ago at Mazer Digital Media. Mazer was my first job out of college and while the environment and end result (a layoff) wasn’t the most memorable, the relationships I made there have stayed with me. Kate came on towards the end of the line for Mazer and made those last few months go from unbearable to downright fun. She brought a great perspective to what we were doing and we played off each other very well, both personally and professionally. She continued working in education (for CAST) after Mazer while I went on to Aptima. I tried to think of ways to work together again but nothing every came up.

Another former Mazerite, Ed Zbinski, will start a new gig on Monday at Members First. I’ve known Ed since college and I’ve enjoyed watching him evolve as a designer. His evolution has recently gone from doing interesting work on the side (when the day job wasn’t providing compelling enough projects) to blogging about his growth as a designer. He has blogged openly about the move to Members First, and it has been exciting to follow as a friend of Ed’s.

Members First provides web development and other web services for “member-based clubs, organizations, and associations” such as country clubs. Who knows… maybe Ed will get some free rounds out of this gig.

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