iPhone First Impressions

At Thursday morning’s BatchBlue communications meeting, I was presented with a shiny new iPhone. You know… a boy does have to test his web apps, right? Well, I’ve been testing the unit out quite a bit—particularly (as I expected) Safari. I just wanted to toss up some notes from the first two and a half days.







Phone Calls





Some photo samples (click for larger versions):

iPhone Camera: Low Light

Low light is a bit grainy, but really not too bad.

iPhone Camera: Nice & Sharp

Nice focus and sharpness here. This was taken from inside Ella’s playhouse, looking at her outside the door.

iPhone Camera: Oddly Stretched

A couple photos, like the one above, seemed oddly stretched. She’s skinny, but not this skinny.

iPhone Camera: Action Shot

Finally, this is the one that blew me away. This is Ella running, taken by a cameraphone. Please take a look at the full size version. Look how sharp this bad boy is. Very impressive.

Bottom Line


I need to preface this with a couple things, though. First of all, I’m the person this device was made for. I’m a Mac Geek. I make web apps and need to test them on all browsers and devices. I don’t make a ton of calls or send SMS messages (so the minimum plan was good for me). I’ll use the unlimited data until they’re upset they let me have unlimited. I’ll use this from the couch just so I can hold Nolan while getting stuff done.

There are some issues, of course. The crashes were bummers. Copy/paste is really needed. An Apple-created IM app would probably be more robust.

But overall, this thing is sweet. Not only was it worth my boss’ money, it was really worth my own if I had to do it. I’ll have to write more when I find some web apps that work really well with the iPhone. It should be fun hunting for those gems.

Update: I posted my iPhone Second Impressions.

Update: With the first iPhone updater, all my IMAP mailboxes are now available. Sweet!

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  1. On July 15th, 2007 at 9:39 pm troyb said:

    Thanks for the update on the iPhone! Now if I could only convince MY boss to hand ME an iPhone…