If Only Tags Were an Option in the Physical World

The other day, Erin and I were talking about Ella’s hints of OCD and how she likes to not only line things up, but sort them by color, size, etc. I thought back to my days as a kid and how I would take all my baseball cards and sort them by team. Then after a while, I’d sort them by year and set. Then I wanted them all by player. But then I wanted to put guys that I really, really liked into their own separate binder, away from the rest.

So, with all the different ways to sort, there was no ideal way.

Man, I could have used tags.

Think about it. If you were able to tag your physical objects (like baseball cards), instead of just having a 1987 Topps Nolan Ryan card in a binder, you could tag it as “1987 topps nolanryan houstonastros pitcher favorites ryan rhp sp hof”. Then, if you wanted to pull up all your 1987 Topps baseball cards, you just select the tags “1987″ and “topps”. If you wanted all your Astros cards, just “houstonastros”. If you wanted all your favorites, just “favorites”. And so on.

Man, that would have saved me an awful lot of sorting. But then again, perhaps that was a big part of the fun.

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