I’m Happy with My Name Now

When I was a wee youngin’, I really wasn’t a fan of my name. Once I outgrew the coolness of He-Man/Price Adam sharing a first name with me, I entered the annoyance of an extraordinary amount of Adams in all of my classes. And Darowski… heck, nobody could spell it. So, as a result, I never had a great affection for my name.

Well, there are two things I like about my name now—one for each name.

First name? Blogrolls.

One nice thing about having the name Adam is that you see yourself getting top billing (alphabetically, of course) on blogrolls. For example, here’s Jeremy Harrington’s:

Blogroll @ crawlspace|media

And here’s the one at Providence Geeks:

Blogroll @ Providence Geeks

Can’t complain about how that shakes out, huh?

Last name? Easy Googling

Now, I think it is great to have a unique name. I’m trying to carve out a name for myself in the web world and it sure comes in handy being named “Darowski” instead of, say, Jones. If you Google “Adam Darowski”, you pretty much get me. I’ve found a couple Adam Darowskis out there, but I’m sure they’re pissed at me for stealing their Google identity. Jim writes more about “Just Google my name” being the new business card.

So, there. I’ve come to accept my name—Polish jokes and all.

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