Living Online: Hard Drive Crashed; I Lost Nothing

It is Friday (barely). My MacBook hard drive failed without notice on Monday. I’ve been racking my brain trying to think of what I lost. I used that machine so much… you have no idea.

Disclaimer: I do have a home computer (an eMac) that I copied any new photos I took or music I purchased to. But still, the photos and music are not work-related. You would think that a work computer that I used like mad for three months would have something irreplaceable on it.

Nope. Here’s all I can find that I lost:

And that’s it. Easily replaceable stuff. Maybe I’ll think of something else, but if I haven’t yet, it couldn’t have been that important. This just shows that in the era of Google Documents, Subversion, and Trac, I can pretty much sit down and work at whatever machine I’d want. (Well, except if I really wanted to check out/modify/check in code, I’d obviously need to set up Rails and PostgreSQL on that new machine). But hey, it can be done.

What would you lose if your work machine crashed RIGHT NOW?


  1. On August 18th, 2007 at 10:45 am mark said:


    The legacy of my career of 14 years resides on my hard drive in the form of countless excel, powerpoint, and lotus freelance files. That and what’s in my head. I’ve been involved in many projects, but have very little tangible evidence (in terms of products, or infrastructural / institutional programs or policies) that witness what I did with all that time.

    I think I’ve had some good ideas, and helped make changes for the better where I work, but in the end, that boils down to a bunch of obsolete presentations .

    These files have been with me through perhaps a half dozen different machines, and if I lost them all tommorow, the impact would be akin to losing an old photo album. No real impact to my life going forward, just a loss of being able to open a virtual drawer and look upon evidence of days gone by.

    I’d be sad for a couple mins, and then life would go on. Still no plans for a comprehensive backup.

  2. On August 19th, 2007 at 11:48 am jharr said:

    I back up daily to another drive and have started moving towards bi-weekly or monthly DVD/offsite (maybe Amazon S3). I’ve recently been swapping drive and just lost a library of fonts that are going to be difficult to restore and even more difficult to live without :(