Random Web Apps I’ve Been Using

I happen to have used a few cool web apps recently. I figured I’d share.



Screen capture apps are a pain in the ass. They are generally far more expensive than they should be or incredibly complex to use. The Jing Project, a project by TechSmith (makers of Camtasia), erases all of that. It is “free for now” while they figure out what to do with it. But let me tell you, it is sweet. I hope it stays relatively inexpensive. But I think they have something really cool on their hands that could steal a lot of users from the likes of Snapz Pro.


I’m not sure how long this one will last… not sure if they’re breaking any laws with this. It is an online video converter to turn Flash Video (the ones on YouTube, etc.) into something you can actually take with you (on your iPod, on your computer, etc.). I tried it out this morning, turning a Death Cab for Cutie YouTube video into a nice .mp4. Works like a charm.


Yeah, I know Meebo’s been around for a while. But I’ve always had iChat (or the incredible Adium) at my disposal for chatting. But since my work MacBook died and I’m temporarily using our display iMac, I wanted to be able to sign into AIM and GTalk without having to use the apps themselves. When I’m done, I’ll just reset the browser. Enter Meebo. I have to admit… I’m VERY impressed by it. I assume that the main use case for this is when your company doesn’t allow you to install software (like AOL Instant Messenger) on your work machine. You can get around this by using your browser.

I was bummed when the iPhone was released because iChat wasn’t included. Turns out, I wouldn’t really use IM on the iPhone much anyway. But if I do want to, meebo just released an iPhone version. Sweet!

Photo courtesy of meebo’s Flickr stream


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