Ohio State Employees Banned from Seeing Darowski.com Thanks to the TWML

I’ve posted many a time that I run an √ºber-geeky baseball simulation league, the TWML (Ted Williams Memorial League). The 24 guys in the league are pretty damn hardcore about it. Apparently some take it to a whole new level.

My buddy Adam Kearns (owner of the Las Vegas Aces) has recently started blogging. Basically, I was tired of all his (admittedly funny) stories keeeeeling my cell minutes, so I told him to blog it. Apparently, this made sense (as he had to tell the same stories to folks over and over).

His latest post is about his TWML involvement. Just so you know, the kid uses my own site much more than I do. He got back from lunch today and decided to check in on his beloved Aces. I’ll let him tell it:

To my surprise, it was blocked. I called a techy I know, since the web site has always worked. He said if it got added to the blocked list and no one complained about it because it was offensive, it was blocked because of the total usage on the server. They don’t typically monitor individual computer usage. When I told him the nature of the site and that I was probably the only of the 66,000 or so people who access the work off the various servers, his only response was, “Wow…so you really got it blocked all by yourself, huh?”

Read the whole post. Good shit. :) Apparently the site has been blocked for all state employees in Ohio. Nice.

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