Two Quick & Cute Stories About iPhones and Kiddies

With my head basically down 18+ hours a day working on a product launch, I haven’t been prolific in my blogging lately. But I had to share a couple cute stories concerning the iPhone and kiddies.

First, Ella’s 4-year old cousin came over this weekend to play. We were all outside. Nolan (now 11 weeks) was a bit cranky, so I was walking around rocking him. He loves music to calm him down, so I was playing Death Cab For Cutie (his favorite) on the iPhone as it laid on his stomach. I turned to Ella’s friend and said, “look, Nolan has a radio on his belly.”

She looked at me like I had six heads and said “that’s not a radio, that’s an iPod.”

Later, I showed Ella (a couple months shy of three years old) a photo of her I took on the iPhone. She pulled it from me and—like she’s been doing this all her life—did the one finger flip through all the photos. The best part was when she switched to landscape for certain photos. Guess the UI is simple enough for someone under three.

I’ll tell you—it’s hard not to love this thing. My latest use for it? It is already the best alarm clock I ever had. Erin said, “Wow, and the ring isn’t even annoying.”

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