Happy Third to Ella & An Open Letter to Terry Francona

And today is Ella’s third birthday. To celebrate, here’s a video of her celebrating her team’s latest work. Ella was born just a few days after what we now call around here, “2004”. Nice to know that a few days after every Red Sox World Championship, we’ll have something else to celebrate.

But on to another thing I wanted to write about. I actually wanted to write this post after Game 3 of the World Series, but didn’t have time before the boys pulled it off. But here it goes anyway.

An Open Letter to Terry Francona

Dear Tito:

I felt the need to get this off my chest once Game 3 of the World Series was in the books. I really can’t stand the amount of heat you take in this town. The nail in the coffin was an EEI caller (of course) the morning of Game 4 absolutely blasting you—for moving Dustin Pedroia down into the #2 spot. Never mind the fact that your normal #2 was not starting because of NL rules… or the fact that Dustin hit #2 most of the year… or that the new #1 (Tacoby) was red hot (and ended up with four hits). No, he though your head should roll over that.

I figured you needed someone to say what needs to be said. That for many of us, you are the greatest Red Sox manager in our lifetime. The only people that might not be able to make that claim were alive for Joe Cronin’s clubs.

It is not just this fan base that has this sick sense of entitlement since they jumped on the bandwagon three years ago. It is some atrocious members of the media that think the sky is falling with every loss. It is some of the personalities you have to deal with on the club itself—but you have been a master at making that no longer an issue.

Just remember that while the loudest ones out there are the ones that criticize, it is the quiet ones that truly appreciate what you have done for this organization and for the region as a whole. I sincerely hope you’ll manage in this town as long as you can put up with us.


Oh, and one more complaint about Red Sox fans. I figured there’d be some good discussion on talk radio the day after the Sox won it. I turned it on. After three straight callers talking about A-Rod, I turned it off and flipped on a podcast about Red Barber.

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  1. On October 31st, 2007 at 9:55 pm Jeremy said:

    That’s great man, I hate to tell people I hate Red Sox fans because I love most of you guys I know that rock the Sox. But right now, your sports are crazy and it’s causing me to absolutely hate the Pats and the Sox, but I’m happy for you guys it must be awesome right now. Sports talk callers for the most part are idiots, there are some good ones in KC but right now you have to be a pretty good fan to call in about the Chiefs or the Royals.