My Leopard Report

My most-used Leopard feature

Never before have I been so indifferent about a Mac operating system.

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Leopard. But so much of my work has moved to the web… honestly a new release of Safari or Firefox is much bigger news to me than an upgrade to Mac OS. That said, I’ve installed it. So, I want to report some things that I do like about the new OS.

Calculator in Spotlight

Sounds like a dumb thing to lead off with, I know. But so, so often I found myself wanting to make a calculation, so I’d have to stop what I’m doing, go to the Applications folder, and open up Calculator. I eventually moved the Calculator app to my Dock to make this quicker, but man… it seems dumb to waste Dock space on a calculator. Spotlight’s release allowed me to just search for Calculator, which was nice. But in Leopard, the calculator is BUILT IN to Spotlight (see image above). Subtle, but a huge time saver.

Add to this the fact that Spotlight’s speed is greatly improved over Tiger.

Tabbed Terminal

I’m slowly moving away from graphics apps and more towards text editors and terminals. I know, it sounds dreadful (but really it’s not). No longer do I need to have to keep a half dozen terminal windows open. I’ve got ‘em tabbed. Just like a web browser. Beauty.

Better File Sharing

In Tiger, to connect to my home machine I’d have to command+K and choose it from my recent servers (or use the “Browse Networks” feature, that sometimes would work, but sometimes would take forever to find something). Leopard has available servers in the sidebar of every Finder window. Click on it and (if you have the password in Keychain), it just connects. Love it. Perfect for passing photos from the work iPhone to the home iPhoto, etc.


Safari 3 came out before Leopard, but you needed to go get it yourself. Leopard comes with the latest and greatest version of Safari for all. I still need Firefox when developing (gotta love Web Developer Toolbar, Firebug, and Operator), but for my personal browsing I’m back to being a 100% Safari guy. I adore it.

So, that’s it. Not earth-shattering stuff for me. But these are the four things that have made a difference for me since I upgraded to Leopard. What have you enjoyed/disliked?

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  1. On December 13th, 2007 at 10:01 am Keith said:


    Thanks for the review. For some reason I hesitated to upgrade to 10.5 and it seems to have made sense. I have always been the first in line to purchase the newest OS from Mac, but I still have not done so. The comments I have seen, even on the Apple site, have not been rave and while I know that I will have to upgrade at some point, I am still going to wait for a long time. Thanks again for your review.