It’s Like Fantasy Football. For Geeks.

A little while back I wrote about and referred to the charts that it generates as “fantasy football for audiophiles”. tracks my iTunes music listening habits and creates charts from them. For many people, this would not be enough personal value to make it worthwhile. But for me, it totally is. I love this. I eagerly await my charts every week. It’s like fantasy football for audiophiles.

When I make the fantasy football comparison, what I’m really saying is these stats are very important to you, and you watch them update like a hawk. Yet, nobody but you likely cares about them at all.

So, that’s the personal value I get out of I love listening to music, but I’m also a stats junkie—particularly baseball (if I do occasionally watch a football game I get completely frustrated if I ask someone what the record is for longest field goal and nobody can tell me). So, I get an additional kick when I see artists overtaking others on my charts.

Well, I came across another site that gave me this type of personal value. I adore Twitter. I use it all the time. But there is very little front end for looking at what you’ve tweeted in the past. Heck, you can’t even search your past tweets. I recently came across a site called Tweeterboard that starts to tap into some of this.

One of the first things that caught my eye about Tweeterboard is that it was developed by Gene Smith, who I saw at Webvisions (the event that completely shifted my career track). Next, what excited me about Tweeterboard may not have even been what is there, but what could be there.

Here’s what’s there:

The Dashboard

Tweeterboard: Dashboard

Tweeterboard crawls Twitter, collecting data along the way. It uses an algorithm to rank the top Tweeters by reputation points. I have to say, this isn’t the part that I’m all excited about, so I haven’t really looked into how the rankings work.

Gets Love

Tweeterboard: Gets Love

These are the folks who I specifically talk to on Twitter. If you’re not sure what @username is, you probably either quit reading this already (or you should check this out if I still have you).

So, apparently I write a lot of messages to @hmason, which is funny since she’s a new Twitter buddy. I’m guessing not all tweets have been crawled yet. I could have sworn I’ve tweeted @jharr more than that in a night. In fact, as I read this it looks like his page has not been crawled yet.

Gives Love

Tweeterboard: Gives Love

Again, looks like a very incomplete list so far and checks of a few friends’ pages show they have not been crawled yet. But these are folks that tweet @adarowski.

Box Score

Tweeterboard: Box Score

Nothing says geek fantasy sport more than “box score”. This tab, of course, tallies the tweets to and from a pair of users.


Tweeterboard: Links

And here’s where they really got me. Any time you post a link to Twitter, Tweeterboard extracts it and adds it to an RSS feed. It’s like for your links you felt compelled to immediately share with the world. I think I’m going to go ahead and subscribe to a bunch of these feeds since the links people share via Twitter are probably far more relevant than those they would save to another site. Why? Well, to me is basically “mobile favorites”. I use it for reference. Twitter I use if I want other people to look at it.

Wish List

Some things I’d like to see.

I’m sure I could think of more, but those are my first impressions. Very fun app.

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  1. On December 21st, 2007 at 3:32 pm Scott said:

    I notice you’re a safari guy but there are some great greasemonkey scripts for firefox that play with how your stats are displayed.

    Mine show me % of totals and such – My top played song represent less than 0.2% of my listens…

    There are also a couple interesting datamining utilities – here is one and more are linked from the results page