Some Things I Loved This Year

Since Brian Oberkirch is doing it and so is Anne over at Web Worker Daily (one of my favorite blogs lately), I’ll chime in on some things I loved this year.

Working from home has been huge. I started working from home full time in May and my son Nolan was born in June. So, I’ve gotten to be here for everything. I’ve adapted to a bit of a weird work schedule now because of it, but nothing beats getting up with the kids, playing with them during the day, and putting them to bed at night. If I work until 2 am, that’s fine. It’s much better than wasting four hours a day in the car, like I used to.

BatchBlue, of course, is the company that allowed me to do this. Not only do I get to work on an innovative new product full time, but I get to take part in all aspects of the company, and work with some awesome people. And you can’t beat the commute.

WordPress is still my weapon of choice for just about every project. I’ve gotten much better at working with it this year. WordPress is my Photoshop.

That said, Twitter has changed how I blog. Not only that, but it is the only social networking site that’s going to make this list.

Okay, I guess can be considered a social networking site. Personally, I love it for the wealth of stats. Yes, I love assigning statistics and metrics to art. Like baseball.

If Twitter changed the way I blog and communicate, then iPhone changed the way I do everything else. Some people view the “always connected” thing as bad. I dunno. I don’t have a problem with that. Maybe that’s because I love what I do. But maybe it’s because I can also be “always connected” with things like Twitter, personal email, and my sim baseball league. I also love having hundreds of photos on me at all times as well as video ranging back to when my daughter was born. Piggybacking on iPhone, I’ll say that iPhone plus Google Reader has changed how I consume information.

Going back to working from home, I’ve loved the connections I’ve made with the Providence Geeks community. I never felt like part of anything in Boston. Now, I totally feel like part of an up-and-coming, vibrant community.

2007 rocked. Bring on 2008.

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