My Favorite Posts of 2007

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I haven’t been blogging long enough to settle on an “end of year post” strategy. Last year, I did a basic roundup where I set some goals. I hit most of them—guess I still have to work on writing and speaking more.

This time around, I wanted to highlight some posts from the year. Some were the most trafficked and most discussed. Others got nary a pageview but are among my favorites.

So, here they are (in chronological order):

Digital Preservation of Blog and Profile Data (1/31/07)

The year started off… pretty morbidly, I guess. What happens when bloggers and members of social networking sites… pass on? What happens to the data? Who is responsible for what?

CogBlog Live! (3/1/07)

In March, I completed one of my pet projects—a corporate blog for Aptima. The CogBlog was an exciting combination of strategy, design, and development.

The Blog is the New Resume (3/6/07)

Ah, the big post of the year. It started as a harmless observation, but Josh Porter blogged about it and that brought a ton of great conversation (archived here).

Google Transit Comes Through: Best Customer Service EVER (4/30/07)

This was a big traffic fetcher. I bitched here about Google Transit screwing me up when I was at SXSW. Turns out, Google is listening. This is my favorite customer service story ever.

Calculated Informality: My Approach to Job Hunting (5/21/07)

One of my personal favorites, here’s where I highlighted how exactly I went through my job hunt that brought me to BatchBlue. Good stuff about stubbly beards and product development.

Sparky232221 is My New BFF: A Foray into Social Networking, Not Just Social Media (6/7/07)

One thing social networking is good for is finding that one person in the world that has the taste in music most similar to you.

WTF Happened to Customer Service? (8/6/07)

An all-out rant.

I’ve Been Interviewed: Thoughts on Small Business, Virtual Companies, and My Workflow (8/10/07)

A friend of mine interviewed me for a class project but I posted the transcript here. Lots of stuff about working for a virtual company as a home-based web-worker.

More Users Isn’t Always Better: Specialized Social Networks Have a Better Chance of Survival (8/29/07)

I just don’t see much value in these generic social networks (MySpace, Facebook, etc.). There’s no content that holds the users there. They could leave and switch to another service and really not feel a thing.

Last year I also chose Mogwai’s Mr. Beast as my album of the year and The Arcade Fire’s Funeral as my “Late to the Party” Album of the Year (older album I finally found out about this year). So, this year’s choices? Picking one album was tough. The Arcade Fire, Iron & Wine, The Shins, Silversun Pickups, Spoon, and Travis each had new albums this year that I would call excellent. If forced to pick one, though, I’m going to go with Neon Bible by The Arcade Fire.

For the Late to the Party choice, I just picked up Everything All the Time by Band of Horses and Picaresque by The Decemberists. But they are so new to me that I can’t pick them yet. I have to pick the album that made me get Picaresque, The Crane Wife by The Decemberists.

Happy New Year, everyone!

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