Blogging About Why I’m Not Blogging

For the first time since I started blogging, I have found myself going fairly long stretches without posting. During my job hunt, I wrote a post called “Motivations for Blogging” and—well—I’ve been wondering a bit where I am on that front lately.

I’m realizing that my main motivation for blogging was so I could find a new job. Since I started at BatchBlue, I’ve found my posting frequency (along with the motivation to do so) have steadily decreased. There are a lot of reasons for that.

The first, obviously, is that I’m not looking for a job. What I was essentially doing was interviewing myself for prospective employers by blogging. I was cutting out that first step (for them, but mostly for me).

Secondly, with Twitter I just find less I need to devote more than 140 characters to. I have my Twitter feed at the top of my blog, as a secondary widget. But honestly, I think it needs to be the other way around. I tweet multiple times a day and only occasionally do I need to go beyond Twitter to expand on something. I’m thinking that my Twitter stream should get the “main content” treatment while blog posts are “asides” or “tangents”.

Thirdly, I’m now on a weekly schedule to blog at the BatchBlue Blog. So, that brings up another question… where is the content divide from the professional blog to the personal one? I’m guessing most of my tech ramblings here would work on the company blog. The personal baseball Hall of Fame ballots? Not so much. So, at that point, I probably need to put a feed of my posts on the BatchBlue Blog over here, too.

Crap, I have some redesign to do.

Anyone else running into a similar issue?

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