1000 Tweets

Twitter has been the one social networking application/site that I have gotten the most out of. Once I head to SXSWi2008, I’ll be celebrating my one year Twitterversary. But today, I celebrate my 1000th tweet.

Why do I like Twitter?

But most of all, if I page through my own tweets, it is basically my biography of the last year—in bullet points. Twitter feeds tend to contain a lot more personal information than blog feeds, and that’s okay. I like reading back at my tweets about when Ella ate Play-Doh for the first time or when I was working with Nolan sleeping on my chest. And call me crazy, but I like to see when others tweet about that too.

So, in closing, here are some “landmark tweets” from my past year…

My first tweet:

Landmark Tweet: I signed up

Now with BatchBlue:

Landmark Tweets: Now with BatchBlue

Nolan is born:

Landmark Tweets: Nolan is born

Got the iPhone (yes, it really has been a landmark moment…):

Landmark Tweets: Got iPhone

BatchBlue going to DEMOfall07:

Landmark Tweets: DEMOfall07

World Champs. Again.

Landmark Tweets: World Champs

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