Oh, I’m Blogging—Just Not Here

Alternative Workspaces

I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m blogging more at the BatchBlue Blog than I am here. I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about some of the posts I’ve written since then.

Life as a Designer: In-House vs. Agency

Now, quite a few folks thought I was crazy for wanting to work for a product company. They wondered how long it would take to get bored with working on the same thing, over and over.

Hasn’t happened.

Musings From the “Work From Home” Generation

But personally, my setup has changed my life for the better, even though I actually work more than I used to. The freedom to be able to pick your hours (unless, of course, you have scheduled meetings) is invaluable. I have had some sick kiddos this week, so to be able to spend the day cuddling with them and then working at night has been a big help for everyone.

BatchBlue.com Updates and Dark Staff Secrets

Seriously, it’s really not fair that Sean gets to do all the product updates around here. This post is a rather indirect product update (though I feel our brand has a lot to do with our product). Michelle and I have been hard at work on updating a few areas of batchblue.com. I wanted to take a couple minutes to share the updates with you.

The Value of Meetups

While the “work from home” stereotype of stubble-bearded zombies working in pajamas twenty hours a day doesn’t really apply to us (check that, most of it doesn’t), we at BatchBlue (a virtual company) still have to work extra hard to get the human interaction that most take for granted.

So, please… don’t forget about little old me. Please subscribe to our feed over at the BatchBlue Blog. I like to think it’s good stuff!

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