BatchBook Goes 1.0

BatchBook Goes 1.0

In this 2.0 world, it seems that 1.0 gets the short end of the stick. Well, not for me. At BatchBlue, our flagship product—BatchBook—went 1.0 yesterday. As in… no more beta. As in, the curtain has been pulled off. As in… a lot of hard work paying off.

Never before have I been so intimately involved in a product launch. This was very different from when we launched our beta at DEMOfall07. That was in sunny California with tons of press, bright lights, and on-stage demos. Yesterday’s release, as our President Pam eloquently put it in a blog post:

Oddly, it is a quiet event. It is happening in the wee hours of a cold New England night so that the uploading of new features does not disrupt any beta users’ work. It is happening at the remote sites of BatchBlue programmers, quality assurance contributors, design mavens, and communications savants as each one of us has a huge stake in the product we are sending out to the world.

As exciting as this is, 1.0 is simply a foundation. Now that we have a great baseline in place, we can turn to our users to see how we can make things better, more useful, more powerful. We have ideas for improvements. We have ideas for new features. But now we have more people to please than just ourselves. That is equal parts exciting and intimidating, but ultimately rewarding.

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