SXSWi 2008: I Wish I Could Be in Two Places At Once (or Three?)

Last week, SXSW organizers sent out a survey gauging interest in panels so they could pick rooms. In the survey, the presented a list of panels that were scheduled for a certain time slot and asked you to rank them 1–3 based on how likely you were to attend them. The schedule is certainly still in pencil, but I already caught some major scheduling bummers (from my perspective).

Many sessions contain one panel I really want to attend. Perfect. Others contain none. Others… well, have a lot. Here’s an example:

Sunday, March 9: 10–11:00 am

Good lord. And there’s even a couple more that look interesting. Friend Josh Porter is on Emily Chang’s panel, so I’m really drawn to that one. But one of the gems of last year’s SXSW was Richard Rutter’s presentation on Web Typography.

The other one that bummed me out was seeing that the Web Standards Group Annual Meeting is at the same time as Jeremy Keith’s talk on Building Portable Social Networks. I’ve never gone to a WaSP meeting—and I’d like to—but Jeremy’s going to be too much to pass up.

Oh well. As we get a wee bit closer (wow, it’s really only like three weeks away?) I’ll have to work with Michelle (we’re heading down together) to formulate an attack plan. Ah, the pains of multi-track conferences…

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  1. On February 14th, 2008 at 6:03 am Joshua Porter said:

    Ha! Thanks for the shout-out, Adam. Since I’m on Emily’s panel, does that mean I have to miss Andreas’ and Richard’s talks, too? ;)

    Those two are of the few I really didn’t want to miss.