I Met Ira

Yo La Tengo
Photo courtesy of djenvert on Flickr.

I went to SXSW with different goals this year than last year. Last year, I was meeting a lot of my web superheroes for the first time and trying to “get out there” so I might be able to work in this swell field. This year, it was more about learning, business networking, and handing out sweet BatchBlue tee shirts.

Then something happened on the way back to the hotel just now. I opened the elevator door.

There was Ira Kaplan.

Okay, I love all the cool web kids to death. But this is Ira Kaplan of Yo La Tengo. This is the man who fronts the band that I, in all seriousness, will always and forever call The Greatest American Band (here’s proof, my top two are Scots!). The door wasn’t even opened yet and I said “Mr. Ira Kaplan”. He gave me that “wow-that-sounded-formal-should-I-know-this-guy?” look. I reassured him with “I’m a huge fan.” and off he went. His wife and drummer Georgia came out of the other elevator, but they looked like they needed to get somewhere, so I stopped playing stargazer.

But man… Ira Kaplan.

If you don’t know them, please… go ahead and enrich your life:

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  1. On March 13th, 2008 at 6:06 pm Cory said:

    Very cool, Adam – I can imagine the look on his face.

    “Oh my god, a stalker and I’m stuck in an elevator…” :)