Celebrating Small Business Week & Other Goings-On at BatchBlue

It has been a while since I did a little write-up of some of the posts I’ve written over at the BatchBlue blog and I think it’s time for another!

Happy Small Business Week!

That’s right, next week is National Small Business Week. To celebrate, we decided to run a little contest. It’s been all SuperEverything for us since we released the SuperTags feature, so we’re holding a Super Hero contest! Basically, you have to tell us what your Small Business Super Power is and how you use that to benefit your small business.

Super Hero Contest @ BatchBlue.com

So, if you’re a small business (or work for one!), please enter here. The prizes rock… we have everything from a “Free for Life” BatchBook account with “unlimited everything” to a Superman lunch box. And of course, tee shirts! SuperTags tee shirts!

Other BatchBlue Blog Posts

I’ve also written a few other posts recently.

BatchBook.app thanks to Fluid.app

The most recent is a post about my browser workflow and how I’ve installed a site-specific browser (SSB) for the sole purpose of running BatchBook. It’s called Free BatchBook From the Browser with a Site-Specific Browser.

BatchBook Icon on iPhone

I also wrote a little post about how when you add BatchBook to your iPhone’s home screen, I customized the lil’ icon that shows up. I teach you (the very easy process of) how to do it yourself in a post called BatchBook iPhone Web Clip Icon (and How to Make Your Own).

Finally, going back to February, we launched our Small Business Resource Center. I wrote up the launch and dropped some knowledge about the hCalendar microformat in a post called Introducing the Small Business Resources Center.

Blue Paper: Social Media For Small Business

The Resources Center mentioned above features two Blue Papers (like white papers, only blue). I wrote one of them with Michelle called Social Media for Small Business.

It’s the longest thing I’ve written since school, that’s for sure. It prints to a whopping 18 pages. It was fun to write, but I had more fun with the crafting of the Resource Center’s web pages. In addition to hCalendar, I played with print style sheets in more depth than I had before. So, now if you print anything off the BatchBlue.com site, it prints in a nice, clean, readable format. Check it out with the Blue Paper.

It was interesting writing something with someone else, too. I think it turned out great—Michelle kept me in check when I wrote things like “the beauty of Twitter is…” alongside “the problem with Facebook is…”. Thanks, Michelle.

So, there it is. I’ve been busy. Not all of it has been recorded here, so I wanted to give you all a little recap. :)

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