BatchBox Email Forwarding Now in BatchBook

By day (and who am I kidding… night, too) I work on BatchBook, a highly-customizable small business CRM. From time to time, I post updates here on what I’ve been working on over there (such as when we launched an iPhone version of BatchBook).

This time, I want to talk about a feature I’m super stoked about—and this one I had remarkably little to do with. Our sweet tech team of Riley, Will, and Sean cranked this out out.

Introducing BatchBox Email Forwarding

So, here’s the skinny from the BatchBlue Blog:

We’ve had customers tell us that when they are on the phone with a client, they have their “Log Communication” screen open so they can take notes and easily save them alongside their client’s contact info. That’s great for phone calls and chats, but what about emails? We don’t want to make you copy and paste your emails into BatchBook.

Now, with BatchBox email forwarding, you can send emails directly to BatchBook. BatchBook will automatically store the email as a Communication, attach it to the relevant contacts (and create a new contact, if needed), and retain any attachments.

BatchBox Screenshot

View a screencast

So, if you haven’t tried out BatchBook yet, you can sign up for free to give it a whirl. I’m kind of in love with it.

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