Monitor Your Brand with Summize

Ever find yourself wishing there was a Google Alerts for Twitter? Well, there is. There’s Summize.

Not familiar with Google Alerts? Simply choose a term that you’re interested in (such as your name, your company’s name, or a topic you want to follow) and Google will alert you whenever they index a page containing that term.

The Twitterverse is a while different beast. It is all about real-time conversation, not so much archived pages. But still, you want to know if somebody is talking about you or your company. How do you do this? You can’t follow everyone, can you? Enter Summize.

Summize Search Result

Like Google Alerts, just enter a term (in the example above, it’s my company’s name—”batchblue”). The search results page will show you all the latest tweets containing that term. What I really like is the “Feed for this query” link. That way, instead of heading back to Summize all the time, you can just subscribe to the feed in your feedreader. So, when I open up Google Reader, I see something like:

Subscribe to Summize Search Result

What terms am I following in Summize?

So there’s corporate branding along with the personal branding there.

What else am I monitoring in my “batchblue” Google Reader tag?

So, let me ask you—what terms are you monitoring and how are you doing it?

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