Some Great SXSW Panels From Friends of Mine

A little while ago, I posted about the panel that BatchBlue submitted for SXSW. In case you missed it, it’s called Customer Service is the New R&D. A lot of super-smart people have expressed interest in being on the panel—Sunir Shah of Freshbooks, Mario Sundar of LinkedIn, and Lane Becker of Get Satisfaction.

The summary, again:

Customer Service is the New R&D
With forums, Get Satisfaction, good old email support and more, let your early adopters help build your product and create the solution they’ve been searching for. See how boot strapping start-ups (and some past the start-up days) build an online R&D lab to turn 1000+ voices into real features.

But enough about me. How ’bout some friends?

In addition to our panel, I’m asking you to toss a vote to some incredible nice and smart friends of mine.

They are (notes are mine):

Michelle Riggen Ransom : Social Media for Social Change

Michelle’s blog and writings at PopTech! are jampacked with all sorts of non-traditional applications of social media. You can’t help but walk away with new ideas.

Joshua Porter : Managing Your Online Identity Outside the Walled Garden

Joshua will be presenting with John Eckman. Seems like everybody is trying to get into this space lately, but who’s doing it well? The site that finally nails the UX for this problem wins.

Joshua Porter : Designing for Sign-Up

Really, it doesn’t get much more important than signup. This is the last step before a user commits to your product. Don’t lose them at the last step!

Brian Oberkirch : Try Making Yourself More Interesting

Seriously, you just have to experience the Oberkirch. Vote for it. And then make sure you don’t miss it.

Saul Colt : Personality Marketing Doesn’t Mean You Are Ugly!

Saul Colt : Building Personal and Company Brands with Web 2.0 Tools

I’m becoming quite the Saul Colt fanboy. Saul’s WOM work with FreshBooks has been nothing short of inspiring.

John Eckman : Managing User Generated Content

John Eckman : Open Source and Design: Ideologies Clashing

John (wow, I’ve only ever called him jeckman…) is an open source guru… really looking forward to Open Source and Design. I’ve always been curious why designers don’t get more involved in open source when developers are so into it.

Mario Sundar : The Future of Corporate Communications

Mario handles corporate communications with LinkedIn (who are famously open with their users). His views on the topic carry serious weight.

Aarron Walter : No Web Professional Left Behind: Educating the Next Generation

Aarron is a designer, author, teacher… I’m not sure there’s anything he doesn’t do. He also is spearheading the Web Standards Project’s Education Task Force.

Kit Seeborg : Your Name Sucks!

I first “met” Kit through WebVisions—she’s the organizer of the event. This panel started as a Twitter discussion and ends up in the Panel Picker.

Jim Barcelona : How to Make Your Own Web Scripting Language

Barce apparently is a wizard who can write his own scripting languages. I had no idea!

David Peck : What Does A Community Manager Do?

My friend Connie Bensen is on this panel. Connie has been a community management superstar over the past year, building her profile like nobody I’ve ever seen.

So, did I miss anyone? Anything you’re particularly looking forward to?


  1. On August 27th, 2008 at 12:18 pm BatchBlue: Blog said:

    [...] And Adam highlights some great choices on his personal blog. [...]

  2. On August 27th, 2008 at 8:44 pm Connie Bensen said:

    Thanks Adam for the props. I hope to be at SXSW whether the panel is chosen or not.

    I’m voting for your panel too.
    Thanks for the post!

  3. On August 30th, 2008 at 8:55 pm Adam Darowski said:


    Thanks for the vote! One day we shall meet face to face!

  4. On September 4th, 2008 at 9:12 am Michelle Riggen-Ransom said:

    Hooray! I am finally a category on Adam’s blog! Now I know I have arrived…