Community Management: That’s What It’s All About

We launched a major code push to BatchBook, our small business CRM, last night. We tend to push code every week, but we held off last week. That means this week’s was chock full of great stuff for our users.

We pushed it overnight. I checked the forums this morning, and before we even posted anything about it this message came in:

Oh, WOW!

You guys are AMAZING! Logged in this morning, totally crabby about needing to work and watching SNOW fall, and I see that you’ve completely pimped the dashboard in fabulous ways! I can now batch-tag, procrastinate, batch complete and a whole lot more.

Thanks for turning my gloom into :-) today!


Never before have I worked anywhere that I had direct contact with users like this. It is, by far, the best part of the job. I love it!

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