New BatchBook Screencasts (and How-To Posts Coming Soon)

This past week, I recorded six new screencasts for BatchBook, our small business CRM. I put a lot of time into building a custom account, writing the script, recording and encoding, so I want to show one off:

Customize your data with SuperTags

The Flash Video runs 4:20 and is 24.5MB. (Download iPod compatible version, 11.1MB)

Screencast: Customize your data with SuperTags

That’s just one of them. The whole set is on the screencasts page.

I also created a feed for the screencasts, therefore turning them into a video podcast. I went ahead and registered the video podcast with iTunes. So, yeah… it’s on iTunes! :)

BatchBook Screencasts on iTunes

I’ve found myself super into writing lately, so I’m going to write a series of How-To posts over at the BatchBlue Blog in the coming weeks. Last time I recorded screencasts, a few folks asked me about my process. So, I’m going to document it in three steps:

  1. Recording the screencasts
  2. Encoding the sreencasts and embedding them
  3. Creating the podcast feed and submitting to iTunes

I’ll be sure to update you here when I publish them there. In the meantime, Happy Organizing!

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