The One in Which I Reflect on 2008

Well, it’s New Year’s Eve. What better to do than look back on some of my favorite posts over the past year.

The Ones with Legs

These three posts seemed to resonate with some and generated the most views…

URL as UI (3/16)
This was the biggest new post of the year (that damn Google Transit one from 2007 still out-pageviewed it, though). Where did the traffic come from? Well, that’d be Dan.

Using to Bring Google Reader for iPhone to your Desktop (8/14)
A couple blogs (like Web Worker Daily and Hackszine) picked up on this little lifehack.

My Favorite CSS Techniques (11/14)
This might have been my favorite post of the year. Most of the traffic for this one came through StumbleUpon, though Web Worker Daily also linked to it. I may follow it up with some more techniques eventually.

Milestones and Releases

Luckily, I documented some of the bigger things that happened this year (no new babies or anything—YET!—so it’s all techy stuff).

BatchBook Goes 1.0 (2/8)
Pretty big moment for me—the single project I’ve ever poured the most of myself into gets released to the world.

NewBCamp08 Presentation: Introduction to Web Standards (2/23)
I haven’t done much speaking before, and this was the start of it. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do it some more. With the second NewBCamp coming up in February, I just may get to do that…

Two Weeks: Two Redesigns (BatchBook & (10/13)
Redesigns can be a major thing. Back-to-back, I worked on the redesigns of our product (BatchBook) and our website (

New BatchBook Screencasts (and How-To Posts Coming Soon) (11/24)
I’ve done screencasts before, but I was really proud of this set. I also documented the process so I could write a series of blog posts about screencasting.

Announcing Tabigail: A simple, gray, one-column, socially savvy WordPress theme (12/15)
Earlier this month, I took the design of this blog and packaged it up as an open source WordPress theme.

BaseballTwit: A New Home for the Baseball Posts & Tweets (12/27)
Over the last few days, I’ve been doing some hardcore baseball research for this new project. If you’re into stats and the old personalities of the game, this is for you. If not, run far far away!

Off-topic (yes, baseball)

I also enjoyed writing these baseball-related posts enough that I just needed to start that separate blog…

Branching Out: Baseball Player Bio Writer? (2/26)
Yes, Pete Incaviglia is using the bio I wrote about him (years ago) on his own site.

“My Guys” Never Win MVP Awards (11/20)
In which I make my Dustin Pedroia mancrush public and reminisce about my favorite players.

Is There a Doctor in the Hall? (10/16)
I actually entered a contest to be a sports blogger for WEEI. I didn’t win, but this was my submission.


Here’s some more posts I’d like to highlight for various reasons:

SXSWi 2008: A Recap(3/13)
SXSW was a ton of fun. It’s also where I met Ira.

1000 Tweets (1/23)
I just thought it was funny that this year I hit the 1000 tweet milestone. Apparently, tweet #2000 or #3000 weren’t worth blog posts. I currently sit at 3,896.

Full-Time Designers Should Do (SOME) Side Work (11/3)
I thought this was an interesting topic that fetched a couple good comments. I would have loved to see more though. It’s not too late! :)

Some General Stats

Here are some stats I was interested in for the year…

Top Posts by Pageviews

  1. Google Transit Comes Through: Best Customer Service EVER (63,927)
  2. URL as UI (14,916)
  3. My Favorite CSS Techniques (4,602)
  4. The Blog is the New Resume (2,009)
  5. Using to Bring Google Reader for iPhone to your Desktop (1,563)

Browser Usage

  1. Firefox (82.32%)
  2. Internet Explorer (9.60%)
  3. Safari (5.18%)
  4. Mozilla (0.88%)
  5. Opera (0.72%)
  6. Chrome (0.55%)

Looks like Chrome still has a way to go? IE is less than 10%, but what’s the version breakdown?

  1. IE 7.0 (71.13%)
  2. IE 6.0 (26.44%)
  3. IE 8.0 (2.25%)

4 visits each from IE 5.0 and IE 5.5. They deserve whatever the heck they saw.

OS Usage

  1. Windows (74.30%)
  2. Macintosh (20.06%
  3. Linux (4.99%)
  4. iPhone (0.42%)

I guess nearly half a percent of all visits from iPhone isn’t that bad. What’s with just 20% Mac? Come on people! Also, the 5% from Linux was MUCH higher than I thought.

And the music

On my previous “End of Year” posts, I’ve picked an album of the year. Before I do that, let’s take a look at and see what the stats show I was listening to this year (yes, I have a thing for stats…):

Most Listened-To Artists of the 2008

  1. Teenage Fanclub (They’ve always been my #1, so it makes sense.)
  2. Mogwai (My all-time #2, and I have a thing for Glasgow bands, too)
  3. Yo La Tengo (Yes, this is my all-time #3, too. The best US band in history)
  4. Band of Horses (I was late to the party on them, but made up for it)
  5. Rogue Wave (Liked them a while now, but just keeps growing)

Top song of the year according to That’d be “Our Swords” by Band of Horses.

This year’s choice

My best new album of the year? Well, that’d be Mogwai’s The Hawk is Howling.

Happy New Year!

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