A Series of Screencast Tutorials

After recording the most recent set of BatchBook screencasts, I decided some of the techniques I used would make a pretty good tutorial. I went ahead and broke it up into three parts, published on the BatchBlue Blog:

  1. Recording the screencasts
  2. Encoding and embedding the screencasts
  3. Turning your screencasts into a podcast

In those tutorials, I cover everything from my hardware setup …

My screencasting setup

… to the software that I use to record …


… to encoding tools …

Flash Video Encoder

… to RSS editors …

iTunes item settings in FeedForAll

… to publishing on iTunes.

BatchBook Screencasts on iTunes

So, if you’re about to record some screencasts, take a look and see what worked for me. If you have any other techniques, by all means let me know!

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